Event Prioritization

Is your SecOps team able to quickly determine which threats are of the highest risk to business through its current security stack? Efflux Analytics first fights alert fatigue by auto-correlating an attacker’s lateral maneuvers, from movement direction to type and sequence of tradecraft. Then, it calculates a customizable risk score for the series of events. Efflux classifies each event into a Session and produces the correlated series into a Narrative.

Threat Insights

With Efflux Analytics, analysts are able to rapidly remove the typical barriers your cybersecurity tech-stack may be creating. Efflux Analytics was designed to intuitively connect to the analyst’s investigative process throughout the user experience. It delivers multiple insights that help your SecOps team promptly complete the questions of who, what, where, when, and how of a threat incident. 

Activity Narratives


Automated Analysis of Threat Actor Tradecraft

No matter the tool, method, or movement, there are humans behind every attack methodically crafting their approach. This is the attacker tradecraft that Efflux Analytics helps your cybersecurity team to decipher and understand. But manual understanding isn’t good enough to compete with advanced cyber attacks, so Efflux learns tradecraft patterns to better correlate attacks that happen over time.

Give your cybersecurity operations team the best chance to defend the network.
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