Auto-Correlation & Actionable Context

Efflux Analytics removes the guesswork and allows analysts to efficiently defend against serious threats by determining a clear line of sight through the noise of alerts. The system analyzes proprietary, third-party, and business specific data points from different angles to determine and prioritize the significance of a threat. Backed by Efflux, your analysts can understand which threats are truly high priority and initiate a remediation process to protect your enterprise.

Signatureless Pattern Recognition

Signatures aren’t a reliable data source because determined attackers use a variety of methods to inflict harm and destruction. Efflux Analytics learns an attacker’s unique approach when analyzing malicious activity. We’ve gathered perspectives based on our  military-grade cybersecurity experience, and applied statistics and machine learning to automatically decipher malicious tradecraft without the use of signatures. At Efflux, we work to understand the threat actor, and apply that mindset to our cybersecurity analytics to detect malicious movement in your network.

Lateral Detection Across Multiple Hosts

Detecting malicious east-west movements in your network is difficult. With network segmentation and the lack of visibility in modern networks, this leaves blind spots in most organizations. Attackers will commonly stage compromised data ready for exfiltration, continually compromise vulnerable systems and quietly move through a network undetected by currently installed security systems. Efflux Analytics is able to detect attackers preparing, moving, and exfiltrating data laterally within your network, which is essential  to stopping threats early in the kill chain.