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Defeat Serious Cyber Threats

Persistent cybersecurity intrusions are very different in their scope and activities. Advanced actors use varying means of compromise to infiltrate and remain within your network. These intrusions are technically sophisticated puzzles that your SecOps team is racing against time to solve.

Efflux Analytics tracks post-exploit activities, building narratives of movements over time.

Efflux Analytics cuts through the noise of alerts, so your security team can focus and respond faster to more threats that matter.


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SecOps Use Efflux Analytics for

Visibility for SOC Optimization

Attacks are initiated outside and within your network. Companies equipped with a clear and comprehensive perspective of threat activity quickly know where, when, and how to apply their scarce time and manpower. From customizable threat severity parameters to practical threat mapping, Efflux Analytics provides your SecOps team with superior visibility without the stagnation caused by false positives. Efficiently and effectively respond to the attacks that matter most to your enterprise with Efflux Analytics.

Post-Exploitation Triage

Efflux Analytics expedites your SecOps team post-exploitation triage capabilities at an exponential rate with near real-time autocorrelation and intuitive visualization. Cybersecurity analysts no longer need to waste time searching across multiple data streams for indicators of a serious intrusion or manually correlating across disparate systems. Efflux Analytics links related signals from your existing security tool-stack as well as its own proprietary analytics to decipher attacker tradecraft for rapid detection, containment, and eradication of cyber threats.

Hunting Threats Inside Your Network

There is a human behind every attack, and skilled adversaries are cunning to elude your cyber defense systems because they don’t rely on the common weapons of malware. Efflux Analytics learns and detects the fingerprints of unique attacker tradecraft through heuristics validated by machine learning intelligence and behavior analytics, resulting in a clear line of sight to advanced threats in action. Spot attackers before they have a chance to complete their mission, and transform your enterprise from being the hunted into protecting as the hunter.




The Efflux Way

Focus SecOps & Step-Up the Workflow

Understanding the movements of a cyber incident enables your SecOps team to swiftly handle threats. By granting your analysts the ability to review the narrative and trend of attacks, your SOC will develop a fluid workflow — detection to remediation. Your team can utilize the appropriate resources to eradicate severe attackers from your network when provided holistic insight into the attacks. Efflux Analytics delivers this deep context into serious cyber threats.


Boost Your Existing Tech-Stack

Your network is ripe with incident data, but most cybersecurity tech-stacks are blind to lateral maneuvers and simply can’t provide full-awareness of the threat situation. Efflux Analytics applies proprietary metrics and auto-correlates all of your valuable security resources to expose attacks in progress. Without this level of data scrutiny and real-time review, sophisticated attacks are prone to go unnoticed. Efflux Analytics ensures your data + tech reach full-security potential.


Reverse Risk Like a Boss

Not all areas of your network are of equal concern. Deciphering the real risk associated with an incident is also contingent upon understanding the business significance of particular areas in your network. Efflux Analytics provides your SecOps team with customizable parameters that reduce risk based on the business-critical areas of your network, helping to safeguard your company's assets and good-standing reputation. Reverse the risk to be in your company’s favor with Efflux Analytics.


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